SJBS’s exclusive Clean 4 Health program was specifically developed with the unique needs of today’s healthcare facilities in mind. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a clean, healthy and patient pleasing environment in compliance with accepted protocols and regulations. We also seek efficiency to minimize costs.

Clean 4 Health
is a total program that begins with specialized training and includes the specialized products, materials and methodologies required to meet your unique healthcare needs.

Comprehensive Training in Healthcare Environment Services

Created in compliance with CDC, JCAHO and HIPAA standards, SJBS’s healthcare workers take an ongoing series of training programs which certifies them to properly provide the specialized cleaning services necessary for healthcare facilities.

Our in-depth training program includes:

  • Safety, security and regulatory compliance, with a focus on blood-borne pathogens
  • Infection control, detailing universal precautions
  • Special procedures for sensitive zones such as patient care areas, nurses stations and utility rooms
  • Common problem areas as identified by healthcare professionals
  • Quality assurance and inspection program

Our staff’s skill and training are further supported with effective Clean 4 Health management systems, specialized procedures and a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals required for healthcare settings.

SJBS provides comprehensive/flexible support services to the health care industry including:

  • Environmental/housekeeping services (EVS)
  • Green cleaning programs
  • Linen management and laundry management for on-premises laundry services

Our Guarantee
At SJBS, constant communication and our assure that we know your business and can consistently deliver the exceptional service you expect from us.